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Serviços Florestais e Ambientais

Oryzon is a department of Santos&Santos, SA specialized in providing
forestry and environmental. Since 20005, this activity has developed its center of
competences, in the incremental and (or) disruptive innovation, through the connection with Institutions of
Forestry and Environmental Research and Development and the approach to the market in a logic of
deep trust between agents.

It is thus evident that sustainable development is for the company the cornerstone of the entire value chain in the forestry sector.

The climate change (tropicalization) that has been taking place, with the inherent northward migration of forest species, the integration of the landscape, the defence, maintenance and spatial transfer of ecosystems, the production of oxygen, carbon sequestration, the landscape of “hope” dressed up, and the emergence of quantum models already mirrored as intangible assets on the balance sheets of companies, are evidence of a change in the forest and environmental paradigm that we are committed to internalizing in organizations – in the company and in the companies of our customers.


Forestry and Environmental Planning and Management Services

Supported by its technical staff specialized in the most varied aspects of Forestry and Environmental Engineering, we offer an integrated solution from planting to the final cut of the stand. The integration of all information and Geographic Information Systems allows us to support the owner in all phases of the project, ensuring price competitiveness and the achievement of established objectives.
We present a solution that guarantees the owner of the property the necessary conditions for the installation of its infrastructure or to minimize the risk of fire in cases where
maintain fuel management bands.
In the selection of plants, we have the solution to enhance their population, through a careful selection of several forest species, using plant material from selected mother trees (orchards). We were also able to maximize the profits for the owners in the thinning and cuts carried out, valuing branches and pecking, and selecting the bush in the woods according to its quality and suitability for the various industrial purposes.

Products and services

Biodiversity Services and Special Forest Projects

According to the IUCN – International Union of Conservation of Nature, “biodiversity, as a term, refers to the variety of life found on earth. It includes the multitude of distinct genetic populations within species, as well as the sheer variety of species, communities, and ecosystems of which they are a part. It is a comprehensive concept, which refers to the totality of the ecosphere and all its ecosystems, living components, ecological and evolutionary processes that keep them functioning”. It is good that we are all aware that sometimes the disappearance of a certain species or the careless implementation of an exotic one can seriously harm the ecosystem.

The company assumes an uncompromising role in the defense of native and naturalized forest species. Valuing forest and environmental intangibles such as landscape, oxygen production and social integration are other values promoted by Oryzon.


Main activities developed:

  • Implementation of Conservation Action Plans in Natural areas, agricultural and agro-forestry holdings

  • Use of Bioindicators

  • Ecosystem Recovery

  • Biodiversity Off-Sets – offsetting the loss of biodiversity

  • Provision of services to companies and institutions of their GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gases), as well as the respective compensation with planning, plantations and forest management

In this aspect, we also act as a link between forest owners and companies that intend to invest in the forest, sponsor reforestation, or support the recovery of ecosystems.
We are dedicated to responding to the most diverse challenges, in order to support the business and institutional segments to develop and implement "environmentally friendly" programs, reducing the carbon footprint and improving their environmental image before the community and all its stakeholders. .

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