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Term Modification Service

The Atlantic Wood Brand is nothing more than the natural reflection of our positioning in the forestry sector. She affirms, on the one hand, the entire defense of sustainability and ecosystems and, on the other hand, rejects the devastation that has been taking place in the “rainforest”, of which Africa and the Amazon are flagrant examples. With raw materials from responsible forests (Europe and North America, but mainly Portuguese), without any chemical additives in its treatment process, it therefore assumes its vocation as a national, differentiated and innovative product.

Atlantic wood is a registered trademark of thermo-modified wood by Santos & Santos SA

Atlantic Wood Thermomodification System

Atlantic wood is a registered trademark of thermo-modified wood by Santos & Santos SA

In the production process of thermo-modified wood, no chemical compounds are used, avoiding harmful effects on the environment, nor are any substances applied during the treatment. The total absence of chemical compounds preserves the natural beauty of the wood, allowing its harmonious combination with countless decorative solutions and maintaining color homogeneity throughout its structure.


Treatments can range from medium to high intensity.

  • Treatment can be done at a higher temperature level ( Term I – intense treatment ). The resulting products have high dimensional stability and durability, considerably increasing the life of the product. This intensive treatment given to the wood allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors. Its most frequent use is in wall coverings (interior and exterior), interior floors and decking.

  • The treatment at medium temperatures ( Termo S – soft treatment ) increases the stability, giving it from a bright satin tone to a medium brown (honey). The medium treatment is exclusively suitable for interior uses such as floors, coverings and other decorations.

Summary of advantages:

  • Better dimensional stability (because it makes the product more waterproof)

  • Better durability against fungi and xylophagous insects.

  • Greater biological resistance to wood rot (reduced equilibrium moisture  by 50%)

  • Removes resins reducing emissions even after the finished product

  • Better thermal insulation (energy saving)

  • color uniformity

  • easy to work

  • Improves defenses against heat stroke

isolamento termico1.png

Greater thermal insulation

temp press hum.png

temperature, pressure

and steam


no chemicals​

no resin.png

Resin-free, greater resistance against fungi and insects​

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